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Now, more than ever, we are seeing a demand for soft skills training with a priority on developing competence in the global business language of English. Andragogy believes that training and developing staff is not only about making people better at their jobs, it is also about giving them the opportunity to develop and thrive within your business, and enhance their skills and knowledge. Our custom tailored coaching will help your business to grow.


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Not all businesses are alike, our courses are tailor-made to suit your unique business needs. All of our client relationships start with listening and collaborating because instead of delivering a pre-packaged curriculum, we partner with you to understand your needs in order to develop a bespoke curriculum and custom tailored coaching to reach your goals.


Custom tailored Coaching

We offer 1:1 coaching to executives who want to develop their executive presence and communications. The focus of the training and the sound-boarding pivots on the needs of the client’s aims & objectives.


Expand your Business

The number of migrants into the SEA region has boomed with a wide selection of Europeans, Americans, Africans and others now calling Asia home. This continues to be a growing trend now SEA opens its gates. Clientele and work-forces will grow and change. With the AEC starting, never in recorded history have great communication skills been as widely important as they are today.

Leadership Communication

The best leaders know how to communicate clearly, persuade, influence and connect with their audience

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Female Development Series

The program is meant to turn promising female candidates into great and respected leaders

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Business English

Individually designed business English training  and business writing courses

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GDPR Consulting

EU GDPR and CCPA of 2018 ensures citizens of the EU and US are legally protected in the age of AI and advancement of technology

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Ilm Train the Trainer

We are Thailand’s only ILM endorsed Train the Trainer provider

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Team Building

Blend engaging activities designed to develop high performing teams through group work

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Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson

Founder & Director

Kate Jackson is a Bangkok-based soft skills trainer and consultant with a keen eye for creating bespoke curriculums and implementing strategies for business learning and development.

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Founder & Director


Kate Jackson is a Bangkok-based soft skills trainer and consultant with a keen eye for creating bespoke curriculums and implementing strategies for business learning and development. Kate believes that personal development has a direct relation to  business & community development. Kate holds a Masters in Education, has received the UK Teaching Qualification for Adult Learners and is an ILM accredited Train the Trainer Facilitator; the only provider in South East Asia to accredit students.
With a decade of teaching soft skills with a primary focus on developing English language competencies in the workplace, Kate has experience creating successful educational opportunities for a variety of workforces. Kate applies a blend of corporate and leadership development strategies, developed from working within KPMG, Pfizer and the social field such as the UK’s social services, the International Office of Migration and mentoring with Wedu, a global leadership organization.

With this background, Kate has established in-house English language training programs and soft skills  training within hotels and sales organizations, created and delivered both long term and short term courses along with stand-alone workshops for a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, engineering and real estate companies. Kate is currently supporting a range of Thai SME’s in their growth within AEC; consulting on strategies and the skills required to undertake cross-border business in a global world, as well as consulting with larger companies on how to develop an English speaking workforce.

Recently, Kate has expanded her professional offerings to include training and custom tailored coaching and now offers 1:1 executive-level sessions to help high-profile business owners grow their skills and confidence.