Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication Training 

We offer 1:1 and small group coaching & consulting to non native speakers and speakers of English who wish to improve on their communication skills whether presenting, speaking to the board, or talking with the team. With our communication training, you are going to learn the essential linguistic techniques which will enable you to communicate as a true leader.

  • Build a foundation for success
  • Recall and use names
  • Build on memory skills & enhance relationships
  • Increase self-confidence Put stress in perspective
  • Enhance relationships & motivate others
  • Clearly present ideas
  • Energize communication
  • Disagree agreeably
  • Gain willing cooperation and influence others
  • Manage stress Develop more flexibility
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Celebrate achievements & renew your vision
  • Connect with your audience
  • Establish credibility
  • Inspire others to carry out your vision
  • Adapt to stakeholders’ decision-making styles
  • Frame goals around common interests
  • Build consensus and win support

In business, language is the big differentiator. It’s how you connect with others and catch their attention. Differentiate yourself as a leader through your choice of language.  Pitch your brilliant idea-successfully.