Female Development Series

Female Development Series

Offer training and coaching to female professionals, aimed at tackling the well -researched gender challenges in the workplace.

About the course: is a personal and professional leadership development program to support women and men in becoming more effective leaders.

Leadership gaps are a common problem in Southeast Asia where over 80% of companies say that they have trouble filling leadership positions. Leading Forward aims to address and fill this gap.

According to a recent survey by Linkedin, one of the top reasons organizations find it hard to recruit leaders is that candidates tend to lack soft skills and leadership competencies. Modern leadership roles have become more complex particularly in companies that operate regionally and internationally and that have a diverse workforce, where leaders are expected to be at ease in cross-cultural scenarios.

The program  is meant to turn promising candidates into great, respected leaders by teaching concrete skills that will promote a more collaborative working environment, build a more engaged team, and as a result, positively contribute to your company’s growth and performance. In Leading Forward, you will be able to:

  • Learn skills to be more self-aware and manage your emotions in a high conflict/tense situation
  • Lead with confidence while leveraging and nurturing your team’s strengths
  • Speak effectively so that you are heard and valued by others
  • Become a successful negotiator

Course Aims The most effective leaders know how to communicate clearly, persuade, influence, and connect with their audience. Workshops will teach you the essential linguistic techniques to enable you to effectively communicate your message. We’ll also review common communication pitfalls women make and address the following points

Who should attend; all female professionals from all industries and backgrounds.